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"The Blues Happened to me."  

Al Johnson !



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A warm welcome to all my friends, family, colleagues and anybody else all over the world.

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Or come and say hi at any shows whereever they might be taking place.

Are you a guitar junkie ? Well have a look at a few pictures I have posted.

They travel with me, they all have names (just like my children).

My remodeled website has features such as a blog which I hope you will enjoy, the tales of my adventures on the road.

Al Johnson plays Michael Messer and or National resonators, Martin or Yamaha Acoustics and Gibson and Fender electrics depending on What is necessary ,Al uses Newtone strings whenever possible.

Previous events

My home or a special place i miss a great deal  

For a very long time, I have loved Japan. It comes from when I was about 6 or 7. I can remember sitting at my dad's knee, hearing stories about his life in Japan. I can remember being a bit older, perhaps 8, and learning sentences in Japanese from him. Then I can recall, about the same time, seeing a movie about 2 young boys hitchhiking across Japan. And after seeing a documentary about Mount Fugi, I was hooked. There is no other word for it.

Most of my teenage years were spent learning martial arts…Read more

Life lessons - Die a beat us.. My Story 

That might sound like an odd title to you. I am of course talking about  Diabetes Type 2. I am using the word 'Die' because it can kill you, the word 'beat' because it can really affect you quite badly. And 'us', I guess, because many are beaten by it and they don't really know they have it.

I am not sure when mine started. I know I went through a period of sudden weight gain when I quit smoking in 2002, 2003. I know I used a lot of sugar products to replace cigarettes. I mean, follow my logic people. I…Read more

My adventures on the road - Neuss, Germany 1987 

I remember the next morning clearly. It was a Sunday, about 9AM. My wonderful hosts had given me breakfast and bid me good luck on my journey. I can remember to this day, walking down a country lane, near Neuss, en route to the autobahn, and the next chapter to my adventure. After walking a few miles, with all the possessions in the world in my back pack, and my guitar, I stopped a hippie looking gentleman and asked “where can I hitch south man ?”. He said “jump in, dude”.
Got a short ride to Bonn, a man…Read more

My adventures on the road - London 1987 

I can still see that day clearly, it was morning time. I think from memory about 9AM. I had been living in London for a while and I had many ambitions, hopes for the future. In those days I lived in Queensgate nr 197, in South Kensington. Right around the corner from the Royal Albert Hall. I lived in this cool hostel. Well, I had a bed, in a shared room, I had a shower, loo. I had breakfast thrown in which kind of got me started for the day.

It was sun shining, a bright blue sky and all of London came alive…Read more