Life lesson and Project - Guitars I have loved

It was about 40 years ago that I got my first guitar. A cheap but well built, nylon string acoustic, from the Wayne Guitar Company in Australia.

I still have it, to this very day. That served me well till I was about 14. And my next guitar was a cheap Les Paul Copy. I remember how I got the money for that. It was flipping burgers in McDonalds, for about 3 weeks (never again did I work for that organisation).

I got my black Les Paul Copy and I was ready to rock but not roll as I had no amplifier This guitar people was terrible. Like the bridge fell off everytime I tried to change a string. That got sold for a squire strat back in 1983.

Since then I have suffered from GAS. I don't mean by an excessive consumptionn of baked beans, I mean, that unending quest for the perfect guitar, for electric guitars and it is simple. I like Telecasters, Stratocasters, ES335 or Les Pauls.

Basically a traditional viewpoint. For Acoustics I have never been able to have one built for me yet. And that is yet. I would have a Kinkade if I could but I am happy with good solid Martins.. Yamaha's and a few Epiphones as well..

My other love is of course resonator instruments. Sometimes resonator instruments sing sweetly and sometimes they snarl at you. I love them all !. And that is what I am into now that I am getting a bit older.
I have quite a few of them at home, about 15 or 16 last time i counted  .

But what I am really looking for people is a very old 1930-1933 Duolian or Style O. These instruments speak to me. I love them all from Telecasters to duolians to Strats to this that and te-he other


I think, though, I will be there with an old Duolian. It just speaks to me   . If you think this is the rambling of a Madman  well i Guess you got that correct

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