Life lessons - A friend in need

You have heard this all before, a friend in need is a friend indeed, or perhaps, a friend in need is a pain in the ass/arse. Well, in this case, most certainly, not a p i t a.
I got an urgent email very recently from my friend Little Toby Walker, one of the finest acoustic guitar players I know.
"Hey Al, I am in trouble". I saw a phone number of his hotel room so I called his hotel room immediately. Toby answered. I said "What is wrong" ? He explained to me that the saddle of his travelling guitar had been mislaid and he had flown over to Belgium from the USA to gig. And his guitar was not in working order. He was, as a result, up a well known creek without a paddle. I agreed to help out. It was no problem. And, in fact, a great pleasure. Why ? I knew that with Little Toby Walker, any instrument I had would be in expert hands. And it was.

I obtained his address, and then took one of my Martin acoustics around to his hotel. I found him in the bar (where else would a guitar player be ?). I said, "there you are". We got chatting, had a great hour or two, and things just got better. The gig on Saturday night was superb, the gig on Sunday was even better. I mean, I even got to sit in with the man. Wow, what fun ! I am delighted to have helped and as I was looking for ways to improve my acoustic guitar playing. I am very grateful for all the material Toby gave me and I am enjoying immensely having a go at it.



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