My home or a special place i miss a great deal

For a very long time, I have loved Japan. It comes from when I was about 6 or 7. I can remember sitting at my dad's knee, hearing stories about his life in Japan. I can remember being a bit older, perhaps 8, and learning sentences in Japanese from him. Then I can recall, about the same time, seeing a movie about 2 young boys hitchhiking across Japan. And after seeing a documentary about Mount Fugi, I was hooked. There is no other word for it.

Most of my teenage years were spent learning martial arts, usually  Japanese ones. My interest was there. I visited Japan briefly twice when I was about 20. I only went to Tokyo and Osaka. They were both big cities. And yes, Tokyo is a special place for sure. 26 million people (I believe that to be a correct figure). Women walking safely on the streets at night, low crime, that can't be bad, can it ? For many years I had a longing to go back. And I was not ever really sure why.

Well, the years passed by. I married a girl from Tochigi. 2 of my children are half Japanese. My father has since passed away and I discovered, in the Hiroshima region, I had a half Japanese sister. By then, I had a connection with Japan that will never ever go away. Several years ago now, I flew with my wife and daughters to Tokyo and travelled to the region where my wife comes from. And I met some of the most wonderful people I had ever met in my life. Polite, well mannered, respectful, and humble. Travelling to places just as Nikko, have affected me in a very moving way

After this time in Tochigi, I realized I had found home for the first time in my adult life. Yes, that's home, Tochigi. I remember that trip well. I remember the deep sadness every time I leave Japan. And the vision of Mount Fugi is with me always.


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