Questions you might have for me

What made me decide to learn how to play the guitar ?

I grew up in the 1970's. Music was a part of everyday life. Not just rock music, but all types of music from classical to Church music, from…Read more

Life lesson and Project - Guitars I have loved

It was about 40 years ago that I got my first guitar. A cheap but well built, nylon string acoustic, from the Wayne Guitar Company in Australia.

I still have it, to this very day. That served me well till…Read more

Life lessons - A friend in need

You have heard this all before, a friend in need is a friend indeed, or perhaps, a friend in need is a pain in the ass/arse. Well, in this case, most certainly, not a p i t a.
I got…Read more

Life lessons - Die a beat us.. My Story

That might sound like an odd title to you. I am of course talking about  Diabetes Type 2. I am using the word 'Die' because it can kill you, the word 'beat' because it can really affect you quite badly…Read more

My adventures on the road - Neuss, Germany 1987

I remember the next morning clearly. It was a Sunday, about 9AM. My wonderful hosts had given me breakfast and bid me good luck on my journey. I can remember to this day, walking down a country lane, near Neuss…Read more

My adventures on the road - London 1987

I can still see that day clearly, it was morning time. I think from memory about 9AM. I had been living in London for a while and I had many ambitions, hopes for the future. In those days I lived…Read more