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What made me decide to learn how to play the guitar ?

I grew up in the 1970's. Music was a part of everyday life. Not just rock music, but all types of music from classical to Church music, from jazz to folk music. Music seemed an everyday part of life. I can recall going to school and most of our teachers seemed to play the guitar, to a lesser or greater degree.

I can recall a growing interest in wondering how they did that. Also, at this time, 1974-1975, there were bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and acoustic artists such as Cat Stevens and many others. All of this inspired me to want to pick up the guitar because the sound was very pleasing. I received my first guitar, Christmas 1974 and my father bought it on the condition that I would learn, at least the basics. A family friend taught me some chords, 10 to 15 and I mastered them a few months.

In about 1976, there was the Beatles cartoon. It was listening to the Beatles that got me interested in 1960's music and that plus hearing various R & B artists got me interested in earlier music, to a degree of where I could think of nothing else. That, you could call, phase 1 in my life.

What got me into electric guitar playing ?

That is an easy question. It was in the early 1980's. I was still in high school. And my younger sister borrowed an album from the local library, and it was from the Blues Breakers. It was the famous one with Eric Clapton, aged about 20.. It is known as the Beano album. I just had to know how to make that sound. I got an after school job and bought my first crap electric guitar. I sold that about a year later, it was that bad. And, basically, I had been trying to master that sound ever since. That is where it started, really by hearing Eric Clapton with the Blues Breakers.

What is my favorite acoustic guitar and why ?

To start with, I have always loved playing the acoustic guitar. I love Yamaha guitars. Especially the ones made in Japan. The FG series, the L series. You can have 2 Yamaha guitars and really be set up with all you need for a professional career. Many have gone the Yamaha route. Unlike a lot of more expensive guitars, many good quality Yamaha guitars are just as well built and sound, in my opinion, as good as many other more expensive instruments. The Yamaha route is a really good one.

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