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"The Blues Happened to me."  

Al Johnson !



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A warm welcome to all my friends, family, colleagues and anybody else all over the world.

Take a look around and please sign my guestbook.

Or come and say hi at any shows whereever they might be taking place.

Are you a guitar junkie ? Well have a look at a few pictures I have posted.

They travel with me, they all have names (just like my children).

My remodeled website has features such as a blog which I hope you will enjoy, the tales of my adventures on the road.

Al Johnson plays Michael Messer and or National resonators, Martin or Yamaha Acoustics and Gibson and Fender electrics depending on What is necessary ,Al uses Newtone strings whenever possible.

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projects in 2018  

Hello everyone 

                         I have been busy my 19 year old daughter joined our blues and roots music duo and we are now i guess a trio have a listen to what we all have been doing ,,,,old blues the way we all like it ,,,,

Oh by the way look out for the de peet quartet  as well


have a listen and enjoy folks








                                                                      to yoursel




Happy 2018  


    Im sorry its been a while, i had a ok year , except for the loss of 2 good friends both musicians , that left a hole life is at best short , and people are important ....stay well in 2018 people 



some health issues  

Hi all 

          some of you have tried to get in touch with me . i have been struggling a wee bit health wise but am ok now .please get in touch for bookings etc 



Questions you might have for me 

What made me decide to learn how to play the guitar ?

I grew up in the 1970's. Music was a part of everyday life. Not just rock music, but all types of music from classical to Church music, from jazz to folk music. Music seemed an everyday part of life. I can recall going to school and most of our teachers seemed to play the guitar, to a lesser or greater degree.

I can recall a growing interest in wondering how they did that. Also, at this time, 1974-1975, there were bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple…Read more

Life lesson and Project - Guitars I have loved 

It was about 40 years ago that I got my first guitar. A cheap but well built, nylon string acoustic, from the Wayne Guitar Company in Australia.

I still have it, to this very day. That served me well till I was about 14. And my next guitar was a cheap Les Paul Copy. I remember how I got the money for that. It was flipping burgers in McDonalds, for about 3 weeks (never again did I work for that organisation).

I got my black Les Paul Copy and I was ready to rock but not roll as I had no amplifier This guitar…Read more

Projects - Launching a record label / musicians advocacy service 

Hi everybody. I want to explain about the project you might have seen on my Facebook, LinkedIn, or this website.
There was a time in history where musicians were musicians. You pick any decade you like during the 20th century. You have Scott Joplin and his ragtime music, or in the 1920's, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith. I could talk, ladies and gentlemen, about the next 5 decades fluently. And give you chapter and verse on some great music. That is if you don't already know it yourself.

Now, what has that all…Read more

Life lessons - A friend in need 

You have heard this all before, a friend in need is a friend indeed, or perhaps, a friend in need is a pain in the ass/arse. Well, in this case, most certainly, not a p i t a.
I got an urgent email very recently from my friend Little Toby Walker, one of the finest acoustic guitar players I know.
"Hey Al, I am in trouble". I saw a phone number of his hotel room so I called his hotel room immediately. Toby answered. I said "What is wrong" ? He explained to me that the saddle of…Read more