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My home or a special place i miss a great deal

For a very long time, I have loved Japan. It comes from when I was about 6 or 7. I can remember sitting at my dad's knee, hearing stories about his life in Japan. I can remember being a bit older, perhaps 8, and learning sentences in Japanese from him. Then I can recall, about the same time, seeing a movie about 2 young boys hitchhiking across Japan. And after seeing a documentary about Mount Fugi, I was hooked. There is no other word for it.

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My adventures on the road - Neuss, Germany 1987

I remember the next morning clearly. It was a Sunday, about 9AM. My wonderful hosts had given me breakfast and bid me good luck on my journey. I can remember to this day, walking down a country lane, near Neuss, en route to the autobahn, and the next chapter to my adventure. After walking a few miles, with all the possessions in the world in my back pack, and my guitar, I stopped a hippie looking gentleman and asked “where can I hitch south man ?”. He said “jump in, dude”.
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My adventures on the road - London 1987

I can still see that day clearly, it was morning time. I think from memory about 9AM. I had been living in London for a while and I had many ambitions, hopes for the future. In those days I lived in Queensgate nr 197, in South Kensington. Right around the corner from the Royal Albert Hall. I lived in this cool hostel. Well, I had a bed, in a shared room, I had a shower, loo. I had breakfast thrown in which kind of got me started for the day.

It was sun shining, a bright blue sky and all of London came alive…Read more