My Story

It was in Glenroy in early 1983 a suburb of Melbourne Australia

.Picture the scene A young teenager who enjoyed playing the guitar for fun, who had also studied some classical guitar at school.
I was given a record from a local charity shop. That record was From the Bluesbreakers led by John Mayall  with Eric Clapton, commonly called the Beano album.
Having not much to do, this i started listening to the album in question and my blood ran cold !!

. The sound of the Blues affected me physically, emotionally and much more..
A Melbourne guitar teacher called Greg Franklin guided me on a pathway that led to a lifetime love affair with electric, acoustic and folk blues,( not to mention jazz, reggae and the guitar in general)

If you read this Greg you have my every lasting thanks

35 years later, after many twists and turns, ups and downs, good times and bad times, many many bands and live gigs, the love affair with the guitar still goes on ...and will go on as long as i am alive !

Many years have passed , and the story is far from over , in fact it just about to start a new chapter 

stay tuned