For acoustic fingerstyle blues

Al is a Martin or a Yamaha player. On the left hand side is Blondie, his trusty workhorse Martin. When Blondie is not being used, here is a picture of his other favourite Martin. A 0015 model, purchased from Little Toby Walker in 2012.

For slide

Al is a resonator fanatic. Here is a picture of his Michael Messer Blues 28. And his 1935 National Trojan. Al is a big fan of Michael Messer resonators. He owns 6 of them. The Trojan is always in open G or G6th. The Michael Messer Blues 28 is always in open D or minor key tunings.

For electric blues

What we have here is a red Telecaster from 2007, set up for solo and to use as a multipurpose guitar. This is Al's go to guitar for sessions, gigs with other people. Then we have a 1965 Gibson ES120, purchased from Elderly Instruments. The old Gibson has uniform mellow sounds and is a joy to play.

For jazz trio

This ES335 guitar is a beautiful Japanese built Tokai, purchased in Utsunomiya, Japan. It is mellow, warm. Everything that you would expect from the Tokai Guitar Company. Al is a huge supporter of Japanese guitar builders. In the jazz trio it is the Tokai or the Gibson depending on whichever is closest.