I encourage everyone that visits my site and my blogs to read them and leave a comment. They describe my adventures on the road when I was travelling around making music.

a message to my stalker yes you ..!


          You really are stupid, you leave a trail a blind person can follow, you have not fooled anyone ! ,sorry to disappoint you .

Have you nothing better to do you sad piece of shit .....

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a message to my friends

Hi everyone , i am sorry i have not been blogging much but it has been a long and interesting year . thanks to everyone who came to the gigs to old friends i met up with and to times…

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projects in 2018

Hello everyone 

                         I have been busy my 19 year old daughter joined our blues and roots music duo and we are now i guess a trio ......so have a listen to what we all have been doing ,,,,old blues…

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Happy 2018


    Im sorry its been a while, i had a ok year , except for the loss of 2 good friends both musicians , that left a hole life is at best short , and people are important ....stay…

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some health issues

Hi all 

          some of you have tried to get in touch with me . i have been struggling a wee bit health wise but am ok now .please get in touch for bookings etc 



Questions you might have for me

What made me decide to learn how to play the guitar ?

I grew up in the 1970's. Music was a part of everyday life. Not just rock music, but all types of music from classical to Church music, from…Read more